CFC Green Investments Ltd.

CFC is focused on the preservation and protection of forests and wildlife. We understand the crucial impact of nature. For businesses and everyday livelihoods, nature loss presents an evolving material and existential risk- combating the threat through green investment is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. In supporting thriving ecosystems, it increases investments, improves reputation, and provides competitive business advantages.

One person can have acres of impact.

More than half the global economy directly depends on our natural world, investing in nature is crucial- it is the foundation of all our well-being.

At CFC Green Investments Ltd., we offer opportunities to move forward from the harm of deforestation with sustainable forest management.

Through asset-based investments, not only can you preserve and enjoy the wonders of forestry by renting or buying, but you can be a part of replenishing natural resources.

As economies recover from effects of the coronavirus, we have an opportunity to ease pressure on the planet and reduce the enormous risks that climate change and biodiversity loss represent to our future. We have the tools to reinforce a green recovery, all you need to do is use them.

We protect and sustainably work towards maintaining an oasis for local populations.

How CFC Green Investments Work?

CFC Green Investments Ltd. offers tokenised as well as non-tokenised ownership of forest land in Europe and the UK, this can be based on a fixed-income or a monthly rented basis.

Whatever your preference, you will receive quarterly fixed interest, and after 5, 7 or 10 years, receive the extra percentages (5%, 7% or 10%) with your original payment back.

Investing Done Your Way

During this process, we work closely with foresters and forest districts to ensure we are working ethically and to a standard our environment deserves.

CFC takes climate change seriously, we want to give back more than we take.

Our priority is to re-establish our relationships with nature and promote balanced lifestyles.

Start Investing Today

It has never been easier to earn money by investing sustainably.

With your help, we will conserve and create new areas of forestry across the globe. Reconnect with nature and be a part of the change in conserving biodiversity. Here, we offer many ways to get involved. Our goal is to work with you to ensure a more harmonic and healthier lifestyle.




Founder and Director

As an international businessman and broker, I have worked within the raw materials industry for over thirty years.

After years of experience in finance, living in over 10 countries and creating relationships that have truly impacted my life, I have put together a team to create the CFC Tree and Forest Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to preserve and extend natural spaces, rehabilitate habitats and restore a community’s relationship with nature. This foundation extends across Europe and the USA with plans to celebrate and embrace the environment.

I look for more than a transactional relationship with the businesses I now work with- I’ve grown to believe reducing environmental conflict is now a business imperative.


Founder and Lecturer

In these changing financial markets and the urgent attention needed on our climate, broader knowledge is needed.

I have been a lecturer at the University of Leicester for over 4 years. My PhD topic centered on mortgage financing litigation and the credit creation functions of commercial banks. In recent years my teaching has focused primarily on financial markets, international business and accounting.

I’m passionate about teaching financial literacy
to a wider audience, and giving people the
legal and financial tools they need to navigate
the world of today, as well as tomorrow.


The Team

The TEAM works collectively and compassionately to ensure the very best outcome and most sustainable action is continuously happening.

Each member of our team has a key position whether a cameraman, web designer, content creator, coder, financial analyst, psychologist, and so on- each person has special knowledge, and their creativity helps us to build something truly amazing together.

We are proud to be working in such a trustworthy, reliable and responsible team that shares common values, and works with the best intentions for our planet and each other. Our shared goal is to help mitigate the effects of human-caused climate change and protect natural resources.

The CFC World

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Kemp House,
160 City Road,
United Kingdom

Appointments only by prior arrangement


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