Part forest ownership (Ltd.) – 1 person


Investing in forestry has proved to be an attractive asset for long term investors. It provides the opportunity to benefit from naturally growing commodities with no harm or damage being done in the process. It secures ownership of land while preserving and protecting nature.

The one-person investment opportunity allows for a sustainable income stream, portfolio diversification, reduced volatility and long-term capital appreciation.



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For businesses and everyday livelihoods, nature loss presents an evolving material and existential risk- combating the threat through green investment is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. In supporting thriving ecosystems, it increases investments, improves reputation, and provides competitive business advantages. One person can have acres of impact. 

At CFC Green Investments Ltd., we offer one person investment options within the UK. We are currently offering forest land at the rate of 6 hectare (60,000m2) valued at £3.00 perm2.

What will your investment include?

-Cost of limited company formation (Director, Registered Office, Companies House, and all other costs)

-Lifetime full tax declaration for the company

-Administration fees for a lifetime

-Accounting services for a lifetime

-Quarterly pay-outs

-Rent control contract (payments)

CFC Tree & Forest Foundation will also take care of all required maintenance fees and work according to law. This will include all administration costs as well as council tax. 

Duration for which you will be a shareholder could be 5, 7, or 10 years, this will be established directly in the sales contract once registered as the owner. 

If you wish to form a Trust (for estate administration) for your forest land to keep the forest in a family’s ownership, we can discuss a different offer upon agreement. We are open to discussions about any further solutions concerning a Trust or protecting your assets via an accepted UK, IoM, Guernsey, or Jersey Trust.

For further information or queries, do not hesitate to contact us.  

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